Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November Weekly Top 10 #2: (Nov. 22 - Nov. 28)

 Hey guys! Thanks for checking out the site. Here is the weekly top ten number 2! Be sure to subscribe and comment with any thoughts you have.

10.) Dirtyphonics - I Need Your Love

For those of you who are not familiar with Dirtyphonics, I would definitely recommend checking them out as they have a lot of amazing beats. This one in particular I put in my weekly top 10 simply due to the catchyness of the tune. The vocals are repetitive but the ever changing beat keeps the track unique and always grabs your attention.

9.) Breathe It - I Wanna Talk

An official remix of up-and-coming Dutch band, Breath It, Spag Heddy's official remix of "I Wanna Talk" harnesses the rich acoustic atmosphere of the original tune while bringing to bare Spag Heddy's tremendously explosive production to create something entirely new, and wholly captivating. An exquisite blend of chill vocals and bubbly, high-velocity synth-work will leave the listener staggering in confusion, completely overwhelmed and yet totally satisfied with yet another Spag Heddy banger. A brilliant twist on his usual bombastic production style, Spag Heddy's "I Wanna Talk" remix gives his fans a glimpse into the softer, sensual side of Spag Heddy's composition; quite an insightful spark for the devoted dubstep fanatic!

8.) SKisM - Kick It

A long-awaited collaboration between Never Say Die heavyweights SKisM and Zomboy, "Kick It" is part of the final edition of the much-anticipated "Division" series that has been released over the last year. Combining the viciously filthy tear-out style of Zomboy with a hyper-driven, funky machinations of SKisM, "Kick It" is anything but laid-back or relaxing. A grinding, metallic bass-line is paired with a bubbly, high-octane lead and a series of glitched-out samples that amp up the energy level to an all-time high, a powerful testament to the unparalleled style of these two titans of UK Bass.

7.) Franky Duks - Super Cucaracha

For being a background composer, this dude gets some incredible sounds! This is by far one of my favorite tracks from an indie producer. Amazing dub drops that you would only expect coming from a professional studio. Huge fan of Franky Duks, give him a listen and let me know if you agree!

6.) Feature Cuts - Rage Values

Some SERIOUS heat is forthcoming on Helicopter Showdown's newly formed label Anemnesis, and the boys have decided to give away this long-awaited banger to their fans, absolutely free, EXCLUSIVELY through Dubstep.NET. With massive remixes already scheduled from Kezwik, Dirt Monkey, Diamond Pistols, Protohype, Antiserum and more, we're thrilled to see what Anemnesis is all about, and we certainly won't have to wait much longer! In the mean-time, enjoy "Churched Out" and stay tuned for their debut release on December 3rd!!

5.) Roksonix - Ride With Me

Bringing Circus Records back into the spotlight with their already widely acclaimed "Dogfight" EP, Roksonix demonstrates for all to see the phenomenal level of talent that has gone into this newly re-branded production duo. After winning the Circus Records remix competition for Flux Pavilion's "Voscillate", it's no wonder that this break-neck production duo is signed exclusively with on of the biggest dubstep labels in the world; and "Ride With Me" is a perfect example of their innovative, mind-melting compositions that have earned them a rightful place at the forefront of the Bass Music movement.

4.) Lucky Date vs Calvin Harris - I Want A Flashback

This is an incredible mix. Vocals fit perfectly with the beat giving it an uplifting uptempo trance feel. Some solid wub wub wub in there that everyone loves. If you havn't checked this track out be sure to give it a listen.

3.) R/D - Snow Poem

Released as the free promo track for R/D's new release "Cloud Pound" on Muti Music, "Snow Poem" has the vibrant, atmospheric vibe that we have come to expect from this veteran producer. On the other hand, the sound-design is amped-up several levels to make "Snow Poem" one of the most diverse and energetic tracks present the R/D arsenal; wild yet carefully arranged melodies boggle the senses while subtly manipulated vocal samples sooth the mind and body with a sultry, incredibly pervasive feeling of tranquility. Bubbly leads contrast sharply with soft, radiant pads to create a soundscape that is as sonically rich as it is immersive.

2.) Getter and Mantis - Ravin'

Dark and heavy with a fearsome, metal-influence atmosphere and the brutal, industrial punch Getter & Mantis' "Ravin" is by far one of the most aggressive tracks we've featured in quite a while. Metal-step crossed with filthy, mechanized destruction, both Getter and Mantis' highly recognizable styles shine through in this absolute face-melter of a track, COME GET SOME!

1.) Lyvo - Seaside

Seldom do tracks so perfectly match their title as with this one. If you have the image in your head of a seaside at sunset with a gentle breeze all around you, whether you’re walking, on a motorcycle, or laying in the sand, then you will be in the perfect state of mind to appreciate this gentle gem from Lyvo. It’s deep, heartfelt, and extraordinarily chill. The perfect Sunday morning track. By far, my favorite this week! SUBSCRIBE:

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